Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lyon, France

Honestly i have never been so jaw dropping awestruck from looking at clothes and shoes as i have been since arriving in Lyon.

Believe me you would be hard pressed to find hipper stuff than what was all over Berlin - I wanted everything and had to constantly repeat - "my suitcase is full, my suitcase is full",  but here in Lyon I am just a stunned bunny, literally falling against the shop windows leaving greasy face imprints all over town.

At first I thought it was just cultural shock from bearing witness to the woman of Prague and their really frightening fashion sense (think tutu style mini skirts worn over harem pants, or the equally scary too-many-logos-look) but the truth is Lyon's fashion is just other worldly, and hardly a recognizable designer name in sight. 

In addition there are medieval buildings, charming cobblestoned streets, and fab restaurants but I think it very unlikely I would want to return.  Strange to say and hard to articulate except that despite all the wonderful things in Lyon there is a superficiality to it all -- as in "we're so pretty we don't have to be or do anything else".

Could also have something to do with being so recently in Germany where there is a vibe everywhere.   A feeling of a major culture who has seriously confronted their past history, examined it carefully, and moved forward with a commitment to better not just themselves but everything in their wake.  There is a sense of urgency to be part of it cause you just know it's good and you had better pay attention so as not miss anything.  

In Lyon, there is no need to rush back, as it will always be the same, not so much timeless as locked down. 

In Lyon park

Poor Tintin!

Wish we had garlic like this in Toronto

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