Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Prague's Famously Famous Charles Bridge

Oct. 7, 2010   We are in Prague.   The train ride from Berlin picked up the Elbe river after we passed Dresden and the river valley was in full autumnal colours so you can imagine it was quite beautiful.  

Seems the Czech Republic is still recovering from Soviet occupation, as it appears significantly depressed, especially in comparison to Germany where there are no signs of anything except prosperity and visionary planning.  On the train from Frankfurt to Berlin we passed literally a hundred fields of wind power farms,  saw building after building with solar panelled roofs, and the villages were so picturesque as to be out of a fairy tale. 

The train through the Czech Republic revealed a completely different picture.  Fallen and broken buildings everywhere, many of them looked like they may have once been castles or other important structures - such a waste.   It looks like they are still burning coal, because there were rows of blackened stacks spewing black smoke.  And the villages, although geographically placed in the most beautiful of environments along the Elbe river, were sad and decaying.  I felt grateful they at least have gorgeous views every morning.

But Prague!   Prague is an imperial city.  Amazing to see and comprehend the history that lives here.  It's a strange combination of castles, modern architecture and people who seem to be either infused with happy joie de vivre or dark Kafka-like personalities.  Lots of handsome, brooding men, and sexy, smoking women (it seems everyone here smokes). 

And tourists everywhere, overwhelming everything, tainting it all.

Our hotel balcony

View from Charles Bridge

Top of steps to Prague Castle

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